Clean-up – Ugh!

Ok, did not get called in to substitute today. So what to do? Waiting to get a call to work makes each day a new adventure. Like writing a blog and really doing well with it and you hit a button and it is GONE!!! So this is a second attempt. So back on track:

So WHAT to do? I need to clean the food storage containers I emptied after cleaning the frig looking for the cottage cheese, which by the way was perfect with my blueberry yogurt and vanilla granola. Which I need to eat everyday, along with oatmeal. Like oatmeal, it is just I have to actually cook this kind(microwaving IS cooking) and it is not the kind that is prepackage and full of sugar. But then I have to wash the dishes. Why does every fun project have a clean-up to it?  Part of life, we make a mess then we clean it up and hopefully in a good way. We clean the kitchen, the laundry room the bedroom, the bathroom but how often to think about the heart room? “I do not have a heart room” you are saying to me. Yeah ya do – it is located in the center of your soul.  This needs a daily cleaning. The new is year is still a little new, but a new day happens more often. We need to treat each day as a new beginning of possibilities: for a change, improvement, lifting up another, learning, overcoming.  Even through our daily routines, something new can happen. Now some of my OCD friends would flip out if there is any change, but adding a spice to the daily can open us to a new perspective and point of view.

God did when creation began, and again when Jesus came to walk among us. God added something which turned our world upside down: a way of serving each other that did not involve all the rules and dogma we humans created.  God wants us to clean up our mess out of unconditional love not out of obligation or legality.  Grace is so much more than rules adn traditions, it is about a relationship: with God, with Jesus and with each other. We do not have to do this alone.

OK, I still have to do the dishes and wash some laundry. But I am also going to take care of my heart room also making sure what I do is not for my advancement or self-interest. Today is Tuesday, a new beginning. What will you do today?


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