I am taking a pottery class. I have already used a wheel and did a couple of really good pieces last spring.  But because I am in an “official” class at the comunity college, I have to start with handwork: coiling. Which is really cool but takes a little longer.  I finished a bowl and last week my instuctor told me about burnishing: take a smooth instrument(like a spoon) and rub on the outside unti it shines. Can use water or veggie oil to help in the process. I thought cool! So that is what I did today… the entire class time… for 2/3 of the class or two hours. YES! For two hours I rub on this bowl with my spoon. And yes my hand got tired and I had to take a couple of breaks. But it was so worth it. I cannot wait to see it from the kiln. (I will share pictures when it is done)

In telling this it reminds of the scripture about the potter in Isaiah 64:8(Message): Still, God, you are our Father. We’re the clay and you’re our potter: All of us are what you made us.

God our Creator took dirt, shaped it, molded it, burnished it, breathed into it.  What is so cool is that God is still doing that: every time we mess up, feel damaged and just want to give up, God reached down, dips us in grace, smooths out the rough spots, patches the broken places and burnishes us again. We then go back into the world refreshed and whole and share it with other “pottery bowls” that need some TLC from THE POTTER.

Can’t wait till next week: going to make a slab box! This should be interesting.



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