Have you felt that cluttered?  I don’t mean your house or car or desk, I mean your inner self. You become involved and busy and then all of a sudden – you can’t move around in your own skin.

While I was in seminary, I came across a book – The Mist-Filled Path: Celtic Wisdom for Exiles, Wanderers, and Seekers by M.A. Frank MacEowen and Tom Cowan.  I have been fascinated by mysticism and found this an interesting read. It had exercises for various spiritual practices and one in particular came to be a good tool for me.  It was a practice of letting go all the gunk that we allow into our lives. I transformed it using prayers from Book of Common Prayer and my own spoken prayers.  It became a weekly ritual while I did a clinical practicum at the hospital I was assigned.  I took in so much emotional stuff from those I visited and had nowhere to put it. 

I am feeling that again. But fortunately it is not overwhelming.  I also feel the need to just go and “be” somewhere, away from what is expected of me and what I NEED to do, like work to pay bills.  It is always an energizer for me. So when I finish a couple of things coming up I am going to find that day or two to just be and remember who my God is.  He has been sitting around waiting on me. Peace!

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