Did anyone really win Nov 4, 2014?

Wow – good thing I try to follow a different policy: “When you do it to the least of these, you do it to me.”(Matt 25) Not easy to do but is doable.

There was a time when policy did not rule the conscious and we took care of each other, we made sure folk were fed, clothed and were given treatment when they were sick. I think it is called being a village, being neighbors,,, I guess our jobs, our money, our stuff is so much more important than the well being of people – unfortunately this is bipartisan – each party has done a dis-service to the people they were elected to “represent”.  I am not sure that we as a nation will last if we don’t changed our attitudes.

We do not have a two party system that adheres to different policies, philosophies, or agendas. They seem to be the same but using different jargon so the average citizen is taken in to their rhetoric and are not able to see through it. But what are we to do? How can we changed when we have a population of drones who are being manipulated by remote control issues that no one is whiling to risk- their jobs, families, and what little security they feel they have.

Of course, how can the populace make informed decisions when the tools to get that information is manipulative by news media who are also being backed by particular ideologies that keep the mantra going that our ideas, policies, way of thinking is the right way:

“We have the answers, we know what you need to hear, don’t think let us do it for you – make life simple, easy and totally controlled by a machine that would rather have you live exactly how we want you to live. Your children are being programed with the curriculum we know is best – forget that the teachers who spent thousands of dollars in order to make sure your child learns and can think for themselves – that we have made millions convincing legislators who have no idea how to teach, so your children will be the drone workforce we need to run this country as we see fit. American Dream? Are you kidding – we control the American Dream and it is not for the masses but to those who control how the machine works.  So forget trying to work your way out of debt or your kids being able to go to college without coming out owing enough to pay off the National Debt. So get ready folks we politicians have it under control – Democrats and Republicans both – let us handle it. We will make sure you have no way of achieving the American Dream until we say so.”

Until the entire population of this United States has had enough of everyone – nothing will change. The party in charge will change, but what they are doing will not. It will not change with having more political parties created to run against the machine.  Because some of these are just as bad or worse that what we already have.

So what are we to do? Good question – my gut knee jerk reaction is full revolution against all of this mess but that can’t happen without an organized hub that is looking to be part of a solution that is about the greater good and not about creating the same thing all over again but “different”.

Jesus was the only one who successfully did this but even what Jesus achieved has been twisted and turned into a political agenda and use more as a weapon than as a way of life. See that is the difference is that Jesus was not spouting off a new set of rules or policies that enslave a people but a way of life so we can live with the intention to take care of each other, make sure we all have what we need, become community again.

Until we change the way we treat our “possessions”, that what we have is not what we are and be honest when die – well duh – all of that is left and we become the dust we were created from in the beginning. So think about what is more important –



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