September – again?

Been awhile since I have written ANYTHING! Keep saying I am going to be diligent and do this, make it a habit but sometimes when I need to write, I don’t want to do so. Because some of the issues are just painful: like hating my job(not the call I have now-it is a blessing!), family being buttheads(not all the time but once in awhile), friends are too far away to just drop everything and visit because you could really use a neutral ear and a pitcher of margaritas and lots of laughs!

So to update my followers and friends who do not know already, I am now the Pastor at First Presbyterian Church of Higginsville, MO. Loving it but still adjusting: Had to move twice so I am still unpacking and finding space for everything, new budget since my salary is lower than before, maybe I can get some real gardening done-have access to lumber(thank you landlord’s son!) to create some garden beds, and making plans for a chicken coop. All the while I create liturgy(thank you Rev Thom Shuman! love your work) and sermons for worship, now I am teaching two Bible Studies(love it!), have a Sunday evening Vespers once a month and weekly Wednesday morning prayer time.

Seems to be busy for me but it is the coolest ever! Because I don’t do all of this alone: this is done by a team of us taking care of the community.  So as I write this, I am basking in the blessings I received from worshipping with this community. The choir, the media team, our organist and Andrew. They all come together to bring the worship experience to life.  It is not just any one of these folk but all in bringing glory to God and showing how much we and are in awe of the grace and mercy of our Creator, the salvation we receive from the Jesus Christ and the power given to us through the Holy Spirit to bring hope to our community even when we ourselves deal with “stuff”.

Wow, kind a sermon going on here! LOL! Happens sometimes, stuff starts flowing and so it has to go its course.  Just like I am doing now – I have just looked at the clock and I so need to get home – and become some kind of domestic goddess. Fancy name I give myself when I need to sweep the floor, get dishes done that can’t go in the dishwasher, change bed sheets, etc…. <sigh> … a superwoman’s job is never done!! Which will make my mother and sisters really laugh out loud because they know I HATE doing it.

So to all of from me – have a blessed week and hopefully you will get to read another blog in less than a year – LOL!


PS – Also remember the families that have lost loved ones the day of Sept 11th and since because of 9-11.