Learning New Skills

I have signed up for a challenge: to learn to use a different type of preserving method each month. January it is marmalade. I am going to attempt to do this but in a small batch. And may even let others try it!  But this is what life should be about: learning new skills, traveling to a new place, working with people on a new project.

So keep a look out here as to my progress in preserving. Hope it goes faster than the unpacking of boxes – still have a few to get organized into the new home. Along with getting ready the garden beds and chicken coop.

And just in case you would like to join the challenge, here is the place to go:

Food in Jars Challenge 2017

Have a great 2017 and learn a new skill!


2017 – Wow, made it!

This is the article I wrote for our January newsletter here at FPC, Higginsville, MO. It has been an exciting 8 months and if the devil doesn’t spoil things(which is possible when you are doing God’s work and listening to the direction of the Holy Spirit), it is going to be an exciting year.

Still trying to be a gardener and small farmer, I am getting better. It takes time just like all skills. But I thought I did pretty good writing this and thought it might inspire others – improve ourselves, our relationships and world one step at a time. So enjoy, learn some about what is happening in my part of the world –


Who is ready to make some resolutions?!  How about just make one for January, then for February, etc. Small goals some a feeling of accomplishment will happen. Same goes for the Congregation of FPC. Right now for January, the Session is going to seek advice to renovate the kitchen as they have been talking about for awhile. January will also see the save the date mail out got to members and friends of FPC for our 175th Anniversary in June. Also our Souper Suppers begin and will need all hands on deck to provide meals for our community. We will have the Sunday night slot again on January 22 at 6 pm.

February will be a focus on how to utilize the green space behind the parking lot into a possible Community Garden. Many grants are out there and deadlines come up in February or open to apply. FPC will also approach FFA, 4H, Boy and Girl Scouts and the neighbors who live within walking distance of the church to partner with us in providing fresh produce. Will also look into scheduling workshops focusing on gardening, composting, preserving and canning. Souper Supper this month is on February 19.

March begins the Lenten Season with Ash Wednesday on March 1.  This is another time of reflection and how we can better serve and follow the example of Jesus Christ. The last Souper Supper is March 26. This month plans for the Anniversary Celebration will be finalized and flyers and banners will be created and publicizing will begin.

Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter Resurrection will be our focus with the Chancel Choir Cantata, Men’s and Women’s Holy Week Breakfasts, Maundy Thursday Service and Communion around table in the fellowship hall, Good Friday Cross Walk. This is the April activities along with preparing for the Anniversary Celebration that will begin in June on the 25th.

And that is just the beginning of the year of 2017! Within this time period Bible Study will happen on Sunday morning at 9:30aqm, second Tuesdays for Presbyterian Women and a possible special Lent Study – more on that later. Worship on Sunday mornings beginning at 10:45am, Vespers on first Sunday night of the month and Mid-Week Morning Prayer time for not just us but also for the community.

So, within the activities, we will be the disciples and ministers that this community needs.  Our Mission projects to fund the Food Pantry: garage sale, Souper Bowl, etc; Cherith Brook and Festival of Sharing. Christian Education Team will be strategizing in ways to engage the youth of the community, especially those who are unchurched.  The Session (they don’t know this yet) will also begin strategies for Spiritual growth and Evangelism to our unchurched community. This takes time for we want to meet needs that are relevant for the those we need to reach.  First Presbyterian will continue to be a congregation that seeks to be a beacon of hope, compassion and a community of faith which will not condemn but show compassion, grace and acceptance no matter how our views differ.

May God bless you and your family this coming year. And remember, make your resolutions about how you can change the world by how you change and transform yourself to reflect the grace of God through our Lord Jesus Christ, being empowered by the Holy Spirit!