It is the sign of the end of Summer…

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…when all the big box stores put out school supplies. I love school supplies! I taught high school but I was like an elementary school kid when it came to supplies: I wanted the newest pencils, erasers, notebooks, folders – anything. And I especially love when it was Batman, Pinky and the Brain, and other newer characters: MINIONS!

And I do still get excited but I have moved on to just admiring, buying for the local school supply drives. I instead head to the sharpie section and stock on fav colors or get the newest collection.

I am going to be more proactive this coming year to let teachers know they are not alone – ever. Gratitude and appreciation is not shown enough. Shouldn’t be just an appreciation lunch at the beginning of the year, a single prayer during worship but it should be continous support through our prayers, keeping up with what is happening in the world of Education – like the appointment of someone who is NOT a supporter of public schools but is THE authority of Public Education in our government –  being present at school functions whether we have children in the schools or not, volunteering to read, to assist, to mentor or tutor – whatever we are able to do to let teachers and staff know we are behind them.

Rev Thom Shuman, a Presbyterian minister in the PCUSA, is a writer of poetry, liturgy and insight that is inspiring and instills reflection of one’s self that I have encountered in very few writers. He posted this observation today and I shared it on facebook but it got me thinking and lead me to write(haven’t written anything for a long time)

Here is Rev Shuman’s post from Wednesday Aug 9, 2017:

Here is the thing about teachers.
A teacher will never blow her own horn but will place musical instruments in the hands of kids and melt their hearts.
A teacher will never strut his stuff butwill take a bus load of kids to an afternoon ballet and years later watch the boys who sat on the back row snickering and rolling their eyes play the sharks and Jets in the High School production of West Side Story.
. A teacher will never make a scientific discovery but will introduce a microscope to a bored kid who 20 years later will discover the key that unlocks the door of her grandmother’s prison called Alzheimer’s.
A teacher may never write a great novel that will hand poetry and fiction and biography to a generation who will.
A teacher may not change history but will help her students discover the past so they can understand today and make tomorrow a better place.
So let’s stop making teachers our scapegoats, our pinatas, our bullet points in a political platform. Let’s start supporting them and caring for them and encouraging them and praying for them. Why not fill a box with school supplies and drop them off to a teacher? Why not become a volunteer in your local school? Why not give back to the teachers who have given so much to your community?
Because here’s the thing about teachers. They teach. And if they ever stop then everything else will stop as well.

Thank you Teachers! And I will do better by you –


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