Who is this scooterrev?

I am a Minister of the Presbyterian Church USA. I have served as a pastor in an unincorporated area called Imperial, MO.  The faith community is called Rock Presbyterian Church.   I was not only the Pastor but I took out the trash and refill the toilet paper in the restrooms as well! When my ministry ended there, I spent some time at the egg grill of the Forrest City McDonald’s – a lot of sermon material was gleaned from this experience. Thus God seen fit to sent me to the state I had never dreamed of being – Texas! Denison, TX, in the northern part of the state to be exact. Served as Associate Pastor for Youth and Young Adults. With them we created a new worship service and named it Living Out Loud!

I am now the installed Pastor at First Presbyterian in Higginsville, MO. God has brought me back to Missouri and it is an exciting time! This is a church that is older than the town it serves. In 2017 the Church will celebrate 175 years of ministry. They have a full media system where we can use video and stream to and from the internet – using youtube.com and skype. We are planning to have a skype time with one of our young adults who is serving in the Peace Corps in Uganda.

But I was a teacher before beginning this part of my life. I lived in Arkansas all my life til 2005. I attended Forrest City High School, Ouachita Baptist Univ, BME in Choral Music, summer study with New York University and then attended Memphis Theological Seminary in Memphis, TN, graduating with a MDiv.  I was ordained at my home church Graham Memorial Presbyterian Church in Forrest City.

I taught choral music k-12, Speech/Drama/Theatre for 15 years before becoming a pastor.  I have been and still am involved in Community Theatre, either by directing, acting or attending.  Love the theatre and the movies. I can always find some nugget to use in sermons or teaching.

I have taken up the role of scooter rider.  It has been the best purchase I have made as an adult since I bought my first new car, a red Escort, a MyBuddy 125. It is fantastic to drive, except on windy days.(update: my scooter was stolen from my back yard fall 2015, but I had insurance! Now planning to purchase another – so I have piggy bank ready to be filled up.)

So why have I joined the blogging world? Well, I have found other blogs educational and inspiring, and I think I can do the same. I hope you find my reflections thought provoking and inspiring.  As I journey through this life I have found that God places events, people and just plain cool stuff that just knocks me over. You will hear about them here. So I invite you to come along and together we can grow and inspire each other.

Peace and Blessings

Pastor Liz,

the ScooterRev


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