Who doesn’t love a cow?

It has been a roller coaster year – and it is just June!

I had made a decision to write more but – that hasn’t happened. A lot of stuff hasn’t happened. Hmmm? Why? How come?

Not totally sure but have some inkling about it – and unlike other bloggers, I am not going to spill my guts to you – it is not that interesting.

But some things could be helpful to someone besides me.

#1 – I am getting OLD! My strength is not like it was, my stamina is shot, and I like food! Well certain foods MORE than others. Want to have a veggie garden and keep talking about it but my body says, “What chu talkin’ ’bout? Going outside in the heat at your age?! Are you nuts??!!”  Yeah a cerebral fight that is continuous.

#2 – I have learned a lot of cool skills but find it hard to keep a schedule in order to get better at these new skills. Time management is not my strongest trait.  Making a schedule just seems tedious – especially since my core vocation is ministry and there has been alot of time – some of the time – I have this really cool schedule, on task, and poof! God laughs and says “You have a schedule!? Just let me help with a monkey wrench out from left, left field!”

#3 – I have creative tendencies and have not been able to practice more of these. Creating worship with visiual and auditory does take more of my time every week, but I need to do more.

#4 – My work is not physical. A lot of sitting, but I am so TIRED at the end of the day. Is that common for others? I come home and just can’t seem to get other stuff done – wash dishes, wash laundry, etc – you know that stuff that makes you a domestic goddess but I really would like to hire one. Oh I forgot – not in my budget. Well, someday.

So today on my day off I do have some canning to do(new skill and love it), I just might get Hannah in the truck and go look at cows.

WHAT!!?? COWS!!?? You may ask. But read this poem and you will understand. It encompasses everything I just shared –

– Ode To a Cow –
When life seems one too many for you, 
Go and look at a Cow. 
When the futures black and the outlooks blue, 
Go and look at a Cow. 
For she does nothing but eat her food, 
and sleep in the meadows entirely nood, 
Refusing to fret or worry or brood, 
Because she doesn’t know how. 
Whenever you’re feeling bothered or sore, 
Go and look at a Cow, 
When everything else is a fearful bore, 
Go and look at a Cow. 
Observe her gentle and placid air, 
Her nonchalance and savoir faire, 
Her absolute freedom from every care, 
Her imperturbable brow. 
 So when you’re at the end of your wits, 
Go and look at a Cow 
Or when your nerves are frayed to bits, 
And wrinkles furrow your brow; 
She’ll merely Moo in her gentle way, 
Switching her rudder as if to say: 
“Bother tomorrow! Let’s Live today! 
Take the advice of a cow!” 

The Old Farmers Almanac   1936 

nature animal countryside farm

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

For those who do not have cows close by, I am sure there are some kind of video on youtube or facebook you can almost get the same experience. Almost. Take a trip out of the city, go for a walk in NATURE, not just doen your urban, concrete, suburban setting – recharge with God’s natural creation that does not need us to make improvements.

Schedule it! There I said – we have to schedule. We have to have some kind of plan – not in stone, but on paper and not in our heads, on the calendar whether that cool planner you got to use, the flat calendar from the local funeral home or on your phone with the bells and whistles to scream at you: CREATIVITY TIME!! NATURE TIME!! UKULELE TIME!! WHATEVER TIME!!!

Good luck – Happy half way through the year Eve!

And I am not sure when I will write again – so no promises right now – should put that on my schedule –