Community – can’t live without but they can drive you crazy!

This weekend is our presentation of a play we have been working on for WEEKS! Even though it feels like months. It has been a roller coaster ride. Of the original cast of 12, 8 survived and another was added not in the original 12. So nine people have been in each others’ lives for a while and that can be nerve racking. Especially when some don’t show up for rehearsal or late to rehearsal driving you nuts waiting for them or covering for them because they said they would be there in 10 minutes and it takes them 35!

Kinda like a family: there is always something going on to throw a monkey wrench in the mix and who knows what they are thinking keeping dinner waiting and they mosy(is that the correct spelling?) in like nothing is wrong and they knew you were waiting on them.  Ugh!!!

I think God understands this also: always waiting for us to acknowledge that we are not keeping track of time NOT spent him.  God knows our heart, yes but God still wants us to be on time with our prayer life, our worship life and out missional life.  We have responsibilities as Christians that we don’t take seriously enough, like my fellow actors, being a little disrespectful to him and others that need us to give our full attention.  Keeping our promises, our covenants with one another as well as to God.

Here something to think about, ponder over: what if Jesus had the same attitude we have?  What if he was late for passover, thus throwing the whole scheme off? Getting to the garden a little late and the soldiers got tired of waiting to arrest him and thus putting the whole timing off? Or Jesus just plainly said to his Father, “Man I am not going to do this, I don’t want to now!” What if?

So are you a follower that has your own set of standards or are you holding to the standard Christ has set for us? Thank about it-



Rehearsing – can be very taxing!

I am in a play which will be presented Feb 4/5! We had our first rehearsals without our scripts – always the longest during the process.  I was not too bad but could have been much better. Felt for the others especially our lead – she has about 2 minutes OFF stage.  She did a great job considering she was suffering from major sinus stuff.  It is going to be a great show and I hope it will be well attended.

Rehearsing our prayer life is necessary also.  Creating habits that benefit us is harder than the we think. Setting time(our biggest obstacle) aside to be quiet, talk with God, listen to God, gets pushed aside by what is deemed more important.  My goal is to improve this habit, rehearse during a scheduled time. Of course when should that time be set up.

Are you up for the challenge?