This is a quote from the article on On Being with Krista Tippett ( The Disease of Being Busy by Omid Safi:

“Whatever happened to a world in which kids get muddy, get dirty, get messy, and heavens, get bored? Do we have to love our children so much that we overschedule them, making them stressed and busy — just like us?

What happened to a world in which we can sit with the people we love so much and have slow conversations about the state of our heart and soul, conversations that slowly unfold, conversations with pregnant pauses and silences that we are in no rush to fill?

How did we create a world in which we have more and more and more to do with less time for leisure, less time for reflection, less time for community, less time to just… be?”

Exactly – what has happened about just being a kid? I have two great-nieces & two great nephews and I am praying that their moms and dads do not fall into this “disease”.  Mud, dirt, running, screaming at the top of their lungs in response of the ecstatic fun they are having. Watching such a sight brings a high to me that cannot be replicated by anything else.

So this is for you Parents – let your kids be kids. Have one extra-curricular activity. Every afternoon does not need to be filled with stuff. They actually need you – you to hang out with and have fun, their friends and the dog. Let them get messy, dirty and loud – maybe not in the house – in fact get them out of the house and you go outside with them. Housework can wait, work from the office, grading papers, fixing dinner – have mud pies, run, throw a ball, laugh out loud and have fun.

OK that’s all I got to say – I am headed outside –